Problem Cutting into Spoilboard

Hey everyone. New user trying to figure out why I am cutting into my spoil board on profile cuts. I am using vcarve pro 12, longmill 48 x 30.
I have a feeling it has something to do with my initial set up using the top of the material as my z zero point. I use the material surface and lower left corner on all my projects so far. I also have the auto touch plate from Sienci and use the auto function to perform my probe with no issues so far. I also make sure the thickness is correct and use calipers to take my measurements. I haven’t used the machine bed as my z zero point yet and I noticed in one video I watched on youtube that suggested that when doing a profile cut out to use the material bed as your z zero. Thats fine, I would be happy to do that, but why is that? If I use the material surface and have my measurement exact why would that matter?
Any help on this topic would be much appreciated. Thank you. Darren.

Hey Good Day @Darren518 ! I’m. It the most experienced person here but when I am doing profile cuts, I use a sacrificial bed on top of my spoil board. I set my depth of cut to just over the thickness of my material and I make sure I leave tabs to hold my piece. I use the auto touch plate as you did, and zero off the left lower corner. Any cutting is into the sacrificial piece of flat plywood, not into my bed. That keeps my spoil board in good shape. I secure my work piece with either screws in the rear or painters tape and super glue. I hope this helps! This was a proof of concept piece I am working on. While only a test, I did this out of one piece of walnut and profile cut it.

Hey Jake. Thanks for the help. I was thinking about doing that with another piece of wood like you mentioned to act as a sacrificial spoil board. My only concern is the depth of the cuts going into my spoil board. I wouldn’t be all that worried about some basic markings on the profile cuts going to deep but the last one I ran, it went down close to a quarter inch into my spoil board and none of my measurements would show a deficit that large, that’s why I was wondering if I am doing something wrong. Thanks for the response and I love the project you did, it came out really great. Thanks for sharing. Darren.

Yes, with a cut that far into the spoil board you are having some problem.

Most likely its a Zzero problem and it could be where you are setting zero on the block.


I would check calibration on the Z axis. 1/4 is way off no matter where you set Z zero. Sounds like something is loose,

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Double check that the AutoZero Touchplate is selected in gSender Settings > Probe. I forgot to verify one time after messing with some things :grimacing:

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