Problem running program

Created toolpaths in ventric. Load into sender and outlines correctly but will not fun project moves to start position and stops. Any ideas please

Are there any messages? You might just press run again. There may be a code in the Gcode file that needs to be removed.


@kbruce49 Welcome to the forum Bruce! I will be unable to answer your question, however interested in the solution. I am awaiting my MK2 but did purchase VCarve Pro and a windows laptop. So my workflow eventually will be similar. If you would, post your solution here. That will be quite helpful to greenhorns like me. Again, welcome!

@kbruce49 Welcome to the group. Bruce. As you’ve already seen, members here are quick to welcome you and offer assistance.

In your Vectric application, what post processor are you using for this job? Have you had any jobs that ran correctly? If so, what has changed since then?

I am using grilled inch. It will outline but will not run the job. Just a simple circle inside a square to begin. Waiting for my long I’ll so trying to learn on fox alien 4040xe.

That is grbl inch. Spell checker doesn’t help.

@kbruce49 I should have asked about your machine first off. I know very little about that machine, but I just read that it has limit switches. How have you set up gSender to work with them? Before gSender, what code sender were you using? Can you run this particular job using that other code sender?

Used the control box which uses candle. Will need to look into the limit switches. Only have run the demo projects so far. Loading project into control box doesn’t work. I think maybe I am not saving toolpaths correctly? Confused that it will run the outline but not project.

@kbruce49 I’m sorry, Bruce, but I am way out of my league on this one. I know nothing about your machine and less than nothing about your controller and Candle. (That said, I’ve read that Candle is a grbl-based code sender.) Someone here may be able to help, but I’ll sit back and learn on this one.

@kbruce49 let me know if you managed to solve this issue or are still having it. If the issue still exists perhaps you could share your g-code file as well as a picture of your screen or a video showing when you’re trying to run the job but it’s not running

Problem solved. It was a hard stop on z axis due to excessive safe distance setting. Running easel grbl and doing fine.

As the original issue has been addressed, I’m closing this topic. If anyone else has a similar concern, feel free to start a new topic, which will ensure that it is addressed promptly.