Problems with g-Sender causing File explorer to hang

Hello guys,

So, I have had this issue for a few months, and only just recently collected enough steps to report it.

The short version is, I have all my files stored on a NAS Server, and I copy them from said folder to a local drive. If I try to access the NAS drive while I am running a program, Windows Explorer locks up and I get an endless scanning of the drive.

Scenario that I can reproduce the problem.

1 – Open PC in my Garage.

2 – Copy contents of NAS drive to Desktop

3 – Launch G-Sender (latest deployed version)

4 – Open a Gcode from the Desktop Folder

5 – Click start in G-Sender

At this point everything is working 100%.
For what ever reason, I decide I need to load a new version of the Gcode

Normally, I would run to my WS in my office, make the update and save it too the NAS drive.
Everything is fine at this point

6 – Without stopping g-sender for fear of loosing my XYZ References.

7 – browse to the network share where the file is located.

8 – Folder loops endlessly and file explorer never shows any files (new or old)

9 – So I am stuck not being able to open the update gcode file.

10 – If I close GSender and browse the NAS drive, all is fine and I can copy the file.
but then I have to re-zero my machine.

On a secondary note, I find if I try to open a large file directly off the NAS, it locks up my gSender and takes an insane amount of time to load.

Ironically enough, if I try to open a large txt file or large word document, (10 meg) it loads in under a second.

@Menglor If I am understanding your second paragraph, this problem is not limited to gSender. You say, β€œIf I try to access the NAS drive while I am running a program, Windows Explorer locks up …”.

Am I missing something, Stephen? Or, are you asking if anyone has any advice on how to get Windows Explorer and your NAS drive to play nice while any program is running - including gSender?

If this is the case, FWIW, I just searched on β€œwindows explorer hangs when accessing a NAS drive” and found many solutions.

If i wasnt clear, it only happens if gsender is up and running and has run a file for a few minutes.

If i close gsender, the access to the share is restored.

If as you mention, its happens on NAS, i wouldnt expect it to work before gsender, then after gsender is closed

I can have
VLC, Aspire, MS Word, Excel and countless others , open and access files on the NAS directly with no issues, I would need to re-test it, but I am 99% sure if I plug in a USB, I have the same problem (though its been a while since I have tried it)

I have had this NAS for about 5 years, and I can say without a doubt, this only happens when I am trying to open a file in GSender. (after I have opened LOCALLY, and run for a few minutes"

@Menglor Thanks for clarifying. Just for giggles, you may want to choose the β€œclose gcode” option in gSender before trying to open the revised one. Nothing to lose. :grinning:

Also, for the gSender guys at Sienci, what version are you running?

I know i did try that, i didnt post it because i cant say with certanty

I remeber thinking i was goi g to do everything i can so i dont loose my machine state.

But arguably, the file was open off the locak drive, access to the network mapped drive should not be an issue.

I PLAN to video record it, but i have other priorities right now

I will post the version later today

@Menglor I knew that it was a long shot, but …

With luck, the gS guys at Sienci will be able to resolve this.