Project is offset once in Gsender

Hello :slight_smile: I’m new to the community and cnc machining. The problem I’m having is that when i send the job from Carvco Maker to Gsender and try running the job on the machine, the machine cuts offset from the part. Almost as if zero is set -125" ish x and -.125"y ish. I’ve zero’d the machine 3 times and I get the same results each time. I’ve tried redoing the project with zero from lower left and center, and the same results each time.
The size shown in Gsender is not correct. The part is 6.8475". Graphically, is seems to be correct, but below it shows x=6.245 Y= 6.324".
I tried searching for a solution, but nothing seems to come up.

Any help will be much appreciated!!.

I’m not sure I understand but when you are zeroing everything are you selecting the correct size bit in gsender that you are using to zero?

I’ve done it plenty of times where I had Gsender set to zero with a 0.125" bit but I actually had a 0.25" bit in the router when doing it.

Good Morning Swinly,

All is good, I can blame a cheap set of calipers. I use them around the shop and leave my Mitutoyo’s in the box. Wont make that mistake again.

Thank you for taking the time.


@danawright65 It’s good that the solution was an easy one, Dana.

As you have resolved your problem, I am closing the thread.