Project off centre

I have created a simple drawing with bezier curves and circles that loads into g-Sender. However, it appears outside the range of the work area, on the y axis of my Longmill 30x30. I can’t move the router far enough out on the y axis to run the job where it is placed on the g-Sender grid. Can I move the drawing down to the x,y origin point on g-Sender or do I have to redraw the drawing nearer to the origin of the x,y axes on the cad software and create a new g-code file to export into g-Sender?

Have to fix it that way.

Welcome to the group, Howard. Out of curiosity, what software are you using for CAD/CAM?

@Howard I have moved your thread to a more appropriate topic, Howard. I believe that it will get more attention here.

When you’ve replied to @_Michael question, I may move it again to the relevant software topic.