Proper adjustment of anti backlash

I ran my first job, a waste board with a series of counterbores with through holes in the center of each. Seemed to start out well, but as it progressed, the holes were misaligned. I assume this is due to some free play.

How do I know if the back lash is set properly?

Any rotation of a lead screw that does not result in a linear motion indicates excessive backlash. I donā€™t know if the software can compensate for backlash but I would try working the backlash adjusters first. In a perfect world you would adjust these to eliminate play without adding drag. Real life will require a little compromise.

No the software cant. If you grab say the x axis on either end and push pull it if it moves at all tighten that side up a little and try it again. If it still moves more than a mm or 2 tighten it up a little more. Talking a 1/4 turn then try it again. Do that with all of them. This is the best way to test it.


Could be a slipping grub screw on the stepper motor coupler.

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