Question for UK or non-110 Volt users

Hi All,

I’m in the UK and after doing a LOT of research, comparing machines and happily watching many hours of IDC Woodcraft videos, the Longmill 30x48 Mk2 is what I’ve decided to go for.

As we have 230 volts over here (it was officially dropped from 240v in 1995), I was wondering what other users in non 110v countries have done.

Have you sourced your own router and board power supply, gone for a local router and a transformer for the board or are using a transformer for both?


Craig, I think you have itemized the options available to you should you get a 30 x 48. As a regular visitor to UK, I am in the US, I use a travel transformer to be able to use any electrical items we take and have never had any issues so powering the power supply for the board with a transformer would be a simple solution. For the router the choice may be a little more complicated. You could use the Makita router that sienci supplies and feed it from a seperate power supply, or buy a UK router that will fit the available router mounts. I think that the choice here could come down to convenience and or cost. For me I think I would purchase a UK rated router knowing the warranty would be valid and also should I need to replace in the future it would be a quick trip to B&Q. Good luck.