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hi i am new to cnc and to the software i would appreciate it if some one can help me out with the software i have carveco maker . i would like to make a raised sign but don’t know what bits to use or speed to set them at

@Steve2 Welcome to the group. I have moved your post to the Carveco board in the software category. I believe that you will get a better response there.

Hello @Steve2. Your question is a general question and the specifics about which cutters to use and what speeds to drive them are variable… depending on your intended project specifics. It would be helpful if you were to outline the project materials and sizes and possibly demonstrate the intended outcomes with pictures. It would help to know what stage you have got to in your project design. If you could answer the questions below, it should be possible to produce some reasonable working solutions for you in fairly short order. Please say whether you are working in imperial or metric measurements too.

  1. What material are you intending to machine?
  2. What is the finished size of your project? (L xW x H)
  3. What will the finished project look like?
  4. What design will you use?
  5. What software are you designing the project in?
  6. Post the design file in Carveco Maker format if you have it?
  7. What cutters do you intend to use?
  8. Are the cutters entered into Carveco Maker’s tool library?
  9. What CNC machine are you using?
  10. What router are you using?
  11. What CNC machine control software are you using?
  12. What computer are you using to run your CNC machine?

Thanks for the information i will post them as soon as i can

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@Steve2 I should have done this when I moved your post to this board, Steve. I changed the subject line to better reflect what you are asking - IMHO. :grinning:

@jepho has got you started on how, giving some specifics, you can likely get what you are looking for.

Have fun.

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