Raspberry Pi question

So, Since the PI is not officially Supported yet. I am not sure where to put this question.

Since I am only using this PI for gSender, I figured this is the best place to ask.

I have very limited experience with the Pi, and Linux for that matter.
one thing I notice with the Pi, is sometimes it will just lock up for 20-60 seconds.

Which is fine and dandy if your just playing with it, but if I am going to use this as my Gcode sender, I worry these pauses might cause issues.

is this a Pi thing? is this my Pi thats broken? or maybe there is a configuration thing I missed?

I have a Pi 4, Version B (1 gigs of ram)

I just recently ordered a new SDCard with faster ram on the chance its my Disk access thats causing this.

any experts out there?

I wish I could comment on this Stephen but alas my Pi experience is also slim :grimacing:. I know there aren’t too many in the LongMill community with Pis set up on their machines but I figure I’ll revive this thread just in case anyone has anything else to add that could be helpful to your original thread here.

I’ve actually walked away from the pie for a few months while the windows version seems to stabilize

There has been too many issues for the pi way back when

I have a raspberry Pi 4 1gig

And a

Raspberry Pi 4 8gig

I’m going to try it out again when I do the install documentation review

But in my opinion compared to ugs she’s under seems to be a resource hog.

I doubt any profiling or resource enhancements of been done to pie version

I would recommend at the very least that you guys have

A pi 3 with 2gig,
a pi 4 with 1 gig,
and a pi 4 with 8 gig

They’re not exactly $50 a piece. But I suspect once this thing works properly the pie option will be the preferred one because
it’s tiny and
it doesn’t succumb to dust problems the same way a PC would
Doesn’t have USB sleep issues

So it really makes sense for the dev team to have access to a small sample of what’s out there

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