Raspberry Pi question

So, Since the PI is not officially Supported yet. I am not sure where to put this question.

Since I am only using this PI for gSender, I figured this is the best place to ask.

I have very limited experience with the Pi, and Linux for that matter.
one thing I notice with the Pi, is sometimes it will just lock up for 20-60 seconds.

Which is fine and dandy if your just playing with it, but if I am going to use this as my Gcode sender, I worry these pauses might cause issues.

is this a Pi thing? is this my Pi thats broken? or maybe there is a configuration thing I missed?

I have a Pi 4, Version B (1 gigs of ram)

I just recently ordered a new SDCard with faster ram on the chance its my Disk access thats causing this.

any experts out there?