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had my CNC about a year assembled installed ready to go i have gsender installed can jog machine have squared it up on table purchased vectric and now I’m lost not good at all with computers I want to surface my spoilboard and then try a sample program cant seem to find info on surfacing and what to do afterwards really need some one on one time with someone that can get me started im in maryland just outside Wash D.C. anyone local to me or available to help via telephone facetime etc really want to get moving i think with just a little help i will pick up quickly thanks


BK, welcome. There is a lot of help here but YouTube is invaluable when it come to a lot of this stuff. Just go to YouTube and search what you want to know. G sender has a surfacing program built in that works well. There is a lot to know so before I even had my LongMill I had watched hours of videos to see which ones made to most sense to me because everyone learns in different ways.
Here are a few that I subscribe to. Paw Paw’s WorkShop, CNC Routers, Beginners & Beyond - Garrett Fromme, Sienci Labs, and Vectric Ltd just to name a few. Good luck. and as always, let us know how it goes

@BKwoodcrafts DM sent, Bobby.

I am happy to help, i learn by stumbling through things, lots of experience on what not to do.

Welcome BK, I also am a newbie to CNC. I use Mark Lindsay on You Tube along with Garrett Fromme . I also invested in Learn Your . I think it was a wise decision. I am 70 and am getting up to speed slowly but surely.

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You picked the best three people to learn from in my opinion. I am 71 so I have a good idea of what you are going through. Hang in there, and you will get there. Little by little it will make cense.

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I’m 69 things don’t click like they use to right now I’m trying to find a post of garrets that gave a link for the section of vacuum hose any idea

Not sure if this is the link that you are looking for . It was in a video Garrett made on building a table for the Longmill.

you sent me the link from garrett for the vac hose ( 2 weeks ago) that link has 4" but im sure thats not for the dust boot on the long mill ??? got off track due to the holidays ready to get back trying to get this started up had it over a year and im spinning in circles wantg to carve something but cant navigate thru aall this to figure it out anybody out there close to washington D.C. or able to give me alittle phone time to get this thing going im way past confused

i cant even get around in this forum did i just send you a reply

@BKwoodcrafts Right after your first post, I offered to talk to you, but didn’t hear back. I assumed that you has found enough info on the net to get started. My offer is still open, but there are many here who can help.

You did send me a reply. I just don’t go on this site frequently. You would have to get an adapter to reduce that 4 inch hose to fit . I use a craftsman shop vac that has only a 1.75inch hose. I bought a Rigid hose kit that has a nice flexible hose and adapters to fit my Sweepy 2 dust boot.
RIDGID1-7/8 in. x 10 ft. Pro-Grade Locking Vacuum Hose Kit for RIDGID Wet/Dry Shop Vacuums