Repeatable Jobs

Hi All. I have a fixture that I use with dowel pins to locate it on my spoilboard. On top of that, the stock has dowel pins as well that are used to flip the stock and mill both sides. The stock will have to have those dowel pins drilled each time to match the fixtures dowel locations. Other than eyeballing the X and Y zero every time i put a new pc of stock on the machine I was wondering what everyones process is. I think eyeballing the zero point would have the dowel holes in my fixture out of tolerance very quickly. Is there a way to save and recall an XY position to load in every time I want to cut the same part? Thanks.

Do you have limit switches installed? If so, just make the drilling of the dowel pins part of your project after homing. Have your CNC drill your dowel holes in the spoil board once and use those absolute coordinates to drill the holes in your project materials.

I did that with my initial project. I want to know if there is a way to recall the zero point for that part every time i want to make it now that I have my dowel holes located in my spoil board/fixture.

If you save the absolute coordinates you should be able to use the goto command to get there. I have found that if I am doing 2 sided jobs as long as the 2 sided cad drawing is correctly centered in the materal I can just place a jig anywhere on the spoil board machine one side then flip and machine the other side and everytthing is lined up perfectly without need for dowels and holes.

I am not familiar with the Go To command. I take it you would need to home the machine upon opening Gsender? So It has the same reference point to start with each time?

@PROVerXLBrandon Look at my posts about macros linked below. That post is one of several macros that I use to set my machine workflow for most all of my projects.

In particular, I set up the 6 Workspaces for various fixtures used as coordinates with repeating programs.

Takes a little bit to set up, but it is highly worth my time spent.

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This sounds like what I would like to be able to do but I have no idea how to set up macros and I dont know a lot about Gcode.

gSender has workspaces, top right? use one of those to set a zero when you want to go back to that zero click on the workspace then click goto zero.

@PROVerXLBrandon Welcome to the forum sir! Good people as you have found with sound advice.


The main problem with the workspace thing is that I unplug my machine from my laptop after each session. The got to function may work if I knew the absolute coordinates after homing and getting it to my start position.

hi, watch this video on work offsets. With limit switches it works great in gsender and will do what you want.

I use and have never had to re-zero my X and Y after setting up in gsender. I have 2 work off sets setup.

Thank you deanberg. I will check this out.