Rescued a machine

So i rescued a longmill mk2 form somone that has no building experance or putting things together with tight tollerances. They had it for 2 years and only used it toncut cricles. So what im getting at is it was never put together proper never leveled even the stand was not sturdy. So now i have the joy of figuring out all the spare parts. My first question what is this part for

Question 2 is there a digital installation manual
Because i have none of that.

That is not from on of sienci labs machines. he threw it in there and its not from that machine. Take it out.

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That is a fence for a stand alone router, not used on the LongMill, an accessory for the Makita router.

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@Funtimesinthemaritim Welcome to the group, Mandel.

On the sienci website, under Long Mill, you will find very complete documentation on the assembly and use of the Long Mill. There are also several videos on the Sienci Youtube page showing how to assemble and adjust the Long Mill.


Thank you very much ill go to theweb site to check it out