Restart after bit break

Is it possible in g sender to restart at something other than the beginning of the g code . I have this feature when working with my Maslow. It saves a lot of time if a bit breaks or when working with programs to adjust depth of cut.

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With the file loaded, you will see a small box in the upper right corner of the start button. Click that and a window will open that lets you choose a line number to start from.

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Thank you for your help

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Hi Doug, I would add just a few comments to Grant’s reply. Im still having issues with the system stalling out on random jobs at random times so I had to learn how to restart somewhere other than the beginning.
Assuming you are using GSender 1.0 or better, when the bit breaks pause the run, take note of the line number that was being executed… Change or reattach the bit and re-zero only “Z”. Return the bit to 0,0,0.
As Grant said look at the start button. Upper right corner has a seperate box you can click on. Once done start your job 15 to 20 lines earlier because, in my experience, gsender tends to add 15 lines to the start. Maybe this is a bug in 1.0.
Hope this helps…


Thanks I will give that a try

@Panamapete Merci, Pierre.