Router Crash = EMI ? ! ⚡

Here’s a weird one — I think! While carving a piece it appears the machine didn’t move up (Z) before moving to the next location, resulting it crashing into the piece and stalling out everything, including the router (Makita 701c). I was right at the machine and killed everything right away.

After getting everything reset and doing some testing (jogging machine around), I noticed that every time I powered the router on, my computer would lose connection (using gSender). I tested this numerous times, router off all good, router on: drop connection — either immediately or just after a few seconds of jogging around.

Things I tried:

  • updated gSender (1.1.7)
  • reboot computer
  • replaced USB cable
  • checked all wired connections
  • turned off all other items nearby (heater, dust box, etc…)

Everything was pointing to the router (when powered on), so I went and bought a new one (same Makita 701c), bolted it on and been running fine ever since (knock on alder).

So… did the router crash cause it to create electromagnetic interference?? is this a thing??

Gremlins are fun!
Try running power to the router on a separate breaker.

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Oh ya, didn’t mention, but I did try that as well. Router on one, board on another and my computer a different one too.

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So that’s not it
Baby Rubie Rottweiler took my original 701 outside so had to replace it. Couldn’t get it to tram with tooth marks sanded out.
Do you have an alternate computer that was not involved in the crash? USB settings always on?