Run time/time remaining issue

I have attached the gcode file for this job. It is a simple pocketing and profile cutting toolpath.

I have also attached two screencaps. The first - timevslines - is a point in time when I paused the job to take the screencap. It shows that the job had run for 1h02m, it was 84% complete, but still had 1h02m23secs/4083 lines left to run. It was then that I believed something was wrong in that I didn’t see how the job could be 84% done and still have the same amount of time left to run as it had run until then.

The second screencap - timevslines_2 - shows that the job finished 8 minutes later. Total time was 1h10m. There are 0 lines left to run, but the time remaining still shows 1h02m23sec.

I realize that this is not a new issue. I have reported it before. But, this is the first time that I have seen it using gSender 1.4.6.

2-corner_.125DC_pocketsandprofile.gcode (537.6 KB)



Thanks Grant,

I know the team has made some changes to time estimation and I’ve provided a couple files for the Vortex runs too. We may see another release come out next week sometime.

The gSender team got to wire up and run a 4th axis job on the Vortex on Friday, it was amazing to see the Y axis move while running.

Thanks for the feedback, file & screenshots!


I’ve been reading up on 4 axis projects, but have not seen any that did not turn on “hand-made” gcode. How did your team create the gcode for the project? Do you see Sienci offering a plug and play 4th axis package any time soon?

We hand-rolled it from a file exported for A/B axes (I think from Snapmaker Luban) converting them to the actual axes because their rotary is not on Y. Unfortunately the CAM side just isn’t there yet for the hobbyist.

I’m not really allowed to definitively say what we’re developing but the answer for 4-axis package is “probably eventually” once the SLB/Altmill development dust has settled - it’s definitely been talked about. It’s relatively low barrier to entry and honesty having a consistent motor driver with a known labelling will go a long way for both support and the customer experience.


@KGN Tks, Kevin. This topic has gotten a bit off track. I’ll take some blame for that and put some on @StephenCampbell for mentioning the Vortex projects that you have been playing with. :grinning:

The run time/time remaining issue is not related to rotary.

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On-topic, we will have a couple tweaks in the next release looking at addressing the outstanding issues with time remaining for both rotary and regular jobs.


I have some more info on the job progress with gSender 1.4.7 on Windows 10.

It seems to really mess up when it recalculates due to a feed override. Here you see I have negative progress and at this rate my job will never finish. :open_mouth:

The next one is just eight seconds from the actual finish of the job.

And here is the Job End stats.

I thought the part about the negative progress might help to narrow down the problem if you haven’t already fixed it.