Safe height limit...what does everyone use?

What limits should be for the safe height limit. Currently, I have 0.25" set…
is that too much? Does this screw look correct…?

@chapklc Yes that screw looks correct. As far as safe height I’m not sure if you mean the one in gSender or the one in whatever program you use to make gcode so I’ll answer both. I don’t use the safe height in gSender at all, I just pay attention to where I’m jogging. In V-Carve desktop I use a home position of 25mm or ~1", with the Z1 clearance and the Z2 plunge set at 5mm which is just under 0.25" by 1.35mm. As long as your clamps, whatever you use, don’t stick up by more than 0.25" in the work envelope than I think you are fine.

edit: If you are using the safe height in gSender you should be aware that it function differently depending on whether you have limit switches or proximity sensors installed and active. The documentation for the safe height in gSender is here.

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