Sandstone or Limestone question

Not sure if this is to far in left field but has anyone tried using some sort of an abrasive bit to make a corner block for a building. Something with year constructed/date carved out? Limestone and sandstone are both pretty soft but I still think it might be asking a lot of my longmill.
any thoughts?

Seems like a long shot but if any group would know it’s this one.

Has anyone ever cut Limestone with their CNC? If so what bits did they use and how did it go?
What Speeds and feeds did you use if you were successful?


@MikeH I’ve combined your separate posts into this topic since your question in both is basically the same.

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Hi Mike - I’m a stone guy. I engrave stone, pavers, monument, marble, etc. via artistic sandblasting. The LM will probably engrave it with the right bit BUT the stone dust can ruin your router, electronics, moving parts, etc if used too often. I have had many grinders ruined by stone dust. Stone dust sticks to everything and it may not be good for your rails or moveable parts on the machine. It will probaby do it and if you clean up real well and only do it once in a blue moon you probably be alright.


@MikeH I’ll second @engraver99 (Kevin’s) dust statement. I’ve done several projects in soapstone on the LM and even with a good dust shoe and a strong dust collector, fine dust is an issue. I have had to stand at the LM with a shop vac going to keep the dust to a minimum. Kevin’s advice is sound, IMHO, about not doing this routinely.

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@engraver99 I don’t want to derail this thread but I would love it if you posted some “artistic sandblasting” pics in the show off category. I used to remove lead paint and I’ve sandblasted several old brick mill buildings that were being renovated to condo’s etc. It’s not CNC but as someone with a bit of experience with sandblasting I’m really curious what can be done artistically.

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I’ll be sure to do that. My profile pic is actually a sandblasted signfoam sign for a golf course sponsor, But I’ll post some others as well as long as they let me.

Thank you for the response, it is very helpful. It will be a one time thing. I have a friend that wants a small corner stone with date the house was started and date finished. I have a very good dust collection system and I can keep the shop vac going as well.
Any thoughts on bits?

can try these - never used but they say made for soft stone

HUHAO 5PCS 60 Degree Router Bits CNC Engraving Router Bit 3D Pyramid Stone Engraving Bits Carving V Bit with 1/4 Shank Router Bit for Stone -

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