Saving The Wasteboard

Beginner here. So I have made my wasteboard, I do a project and accidentally go to deep and route into the wasteboard. How do I avoid that or what do people do to keep from damaging the wasteboard?


Hello @Dean, I use a method that I learned about from this video which was linked by a forum member to not ruin my spoil board. The trick is to use the spoil board surface as zero instead of the project surface when you are going to cut through the stock material. It is explained pretty well in the video but I will try to answer any questions you may have after you watch the video if you’re not sure how to do it.


Whenever I can, which is usually, I grab another scrap of mdf or sometimes plywood and clamp that down to my primary spoilboard. Then I can screw or double-stick tape my workpiece to that and I don’t really care so much if I cut into it. It works for me, but being a cabinet shop, I likely have a lot more sheet goods scraps laying around than some. Good luck, have some fun and Happy New Year!

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