Scale on cut doesn't match Gsender or Vcarve

![Screenshot 2024-05-0

4 131728|690x370](upload://30j8O6VpYCgAh7C5ebk3E096zqs.png)
See the two screenshots. Both indicate proper dimensions in inches in Vcarve and Gsender. However when actually carve it cuts to a x dimension of 18.75" instead of 31". In Gsender workspace I’ve confirmed it set to inches, not mm. Gsender version is 1.4.7. Seems like the scaling is off somewhere but I can’t find a setting or what else may cause the problems.

Any ideas?

Will you design a plain square at 31” and see if you get the same thing to happen?

Yes, same measure. About 18.5-19". Updated to GRBL v8, but no change.

@Wiremand What CNC machine are you running? What post processor are you using in VCarve. I don’t believe that there is a grbl v8. V.8 is an old version. I believe the newest is version 1.1h.

Longmill 48x30. I just upgraded for GRBL (inch) v8. I’m thinking of trying te GRBL (mm) v6 and see if that has any affect. I just update the post processors and I don’t see a ver 1.1, but will recheck.

@Wiremand I’m confused by your terminology. There is no grbl v8 or v6. The post processor is not ver 1.1. That is the grbl version that you are running on your Long Board. What are you referring to when you say v8 or v6?

Sorry. In Vcarve I updated the post processor there to GRBL (inch) v8 and just added GRBL (mm) v6.

I have found grbl v1.1 on github. I haven’t figured out how to load it yet.

Here is what I’m talking about.

@Wiremand Now I understand. (I’m slow. ) You don’t load grbl v1.1. That is the “operating system” that your controller is running. It is installed by Sienci.

testProfile inch with scaling job sizeg pst rebootcode.gcode (163.4 KB)
If its any help, here is the last test .crv file I ran with GRBL (inch) v8. Still scaling the 31 inch project to 18.5 inches. Also rebooted LongMill and computer.

@Wiremand There are members here who will be able to read that file and offer advice.

Just an FYI. That is not a .crv file. That is a .gcode file. :grinning:

Thurmond Hat Rack.crv (910.5 KB)
Ooops. You are correct. Here is the .crv file.

I reset the firmware in the Long Mill to default and that seem to have fixed the problem. Not sure what changed to cause that, but resetting it to default worked!

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