Screwed or should I say screw-less from the

Got my Longmill unboxed today after receiving everything 8/14. Started the assembly and didn’t get past the 2nd or third step (adding the 1st coupler) before I had a problem. Got a blank coupler - 1 of the couplers was missing both the screws…lol - go figure - just my luck! The other day I ordered replacement blades for my new jointer off amazon and got an empty box…lol. The prime box tape over the seams was not sticky and basically left the bottom of the box open for the blades to find their way out. Oh Well, what can you do - things happen…it all works out in the end so onward and upward!

I have made contact for replacement screws for the coupler and will swap the screws from the other couplers as needed until the screws arrive to continue

OR does anyone know what size screws these are - maybe I could get some from ACE or Big Box Store

Don’t waste your money on a lottery ticket. :grinning: You could take one of the others with screws to your local hardware store OR just wait. Sienci’s customer support is stellar. I believe you will find it is much better than Amazon. In the meantime, what are you planning to make with your LongMill?

I’ll try Ace tomorrow - IDk if metric or not - figure they are coming from Canada. I’m not worried about it, I went with Sienci because I liked the way they do business - so no worries it’s not a big deal. I plan to incorporate the CNC into my sign and engraving business as well as have some fun with it with some woodworking projects I have lined up.

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Well, got up to mounting the motors but am now missing the package of #10 nylon washers :frowning: and Ace is closed and I’m not driving a 60 mile roundtrip (i live in the rural mountains) to go find some. It seems the coupler with the missing screw won’t be needed since I will be installing the extension kit which has it’s own coupler - so that worked out.

@engraver99 Are these the nylon washers you are talking about?

I guess thats them - good news - thanks… but doesn’t matter, went to assemble the rest of the motors with their associated screws and am missing a 13mm spacer :frowning: …gonna try and put 3 of the motors on since the washers are no longer and maybe lightly attach the other - if possible until i can get the part.

I have the worst luck…gotta laugh…

looks like she all built (except for z motor) - sience called me this am and said they are sending out the part.

In the meantime I substituted a trophy connector and some washers to act as a substitute until it gets here. the original spacer is 35mm my substitute came in at 34.9 mm.

The build - a bit intimidating at first glance but was actually quite easy - directions were clear. The parts were quality parts for everything except that tiny allen wrench. Altho missing some parts, I am quite happy with my purchase and Sience Customer Service. They actually called me to tell me the parts are being shipped! Once I get the missing part I need to complete (the spacer) I will plug her in, square her up, put down the waste board and begin to tune her up for work.

here are some pics

the 1 pic is of my McGivered spacer with the trophy part and washers …lol. All in All took me about 6 hours to get this far.