Securing wasteboard

I’ve secured my tracks for clamps and cut my mdf strips for in between the tracks… as far as securing these mdf strips, just counter sinking wood screws will be suffice? Or should i use small washers as well?

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My slats are 4” wide and I attached them with countersunk screws .75 inches in from both edges and 7 inch apart for the length of the board. Has held fine for over a year now. I did not use washers.

Mine are 6 inches wide…i ended up coming in. 75 of inch from each edge and a third in the middle and like yourself continued down the board…

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@curtw40 I used a small like a 3/8" forstner bit and used washers & kreg type screws 1 1/4" long an have a half dozen centered in each strip of the mdf. Works fine.