September 2 - September 9, 2022 "A Project That Isn't Made From Wood" Contest

Hey everyone. We really appreciate those who participated in the contest this week. It was hard for us to choose the best useful household item projects since they were all so unique. We always look forward to seeing all the projects shared within our community.

We are excited to announce that John Fischer, Scott Nolen, The Wooden Board, Little Owl Craft Co, Michael Mascaro, and Academx Woodcraft are the winners of the “A Useful Household Item” contest! A prize is on its way to you!

P.S. We will be closed Monday, September 5th for Labour Day and back in the office on Tuesday, September 6th.

Wood is obviously the most common material LongMill users use for making projects. Well, this week’s theme is “projects that aren’t made from wood”! Show us your projects that don’t use wood as their main material, like acrylic signs, brass brands, aluminum parts, and more, and we’ll choose our favourite ones and send the creators some free swag and bits! Swipe to the last photo for more information on this week’s contest theme.

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Happy crafting everyone!

Weekly Contest Submission. “Something not made with wood”

Hey everyone. Here’s my submission.

A few weeks ago I was asked to burn some leather items for a photographer. When I etched the first item, it was apparent that the burned areas did not show well in the black leather. So I got creative and used some golden oak wood stain and the result was great.

Here are the burn settings in the Laserbeam:

Power dip switch set to 5.
G2 lens
Burn speed 25 mm/sec
Power 75%
2 passes.

Hope you like it.


Hello all, this is my Submission to the “Something not made with wood” contest.

I live in a 3 unit condo and Canada Post as well as food delivery services would always try to deliver to the wrong unit.

So I proposed to the condo committee to create signs for the addresses.
My neighbor did the design (that i preped with CC) and i created the parts with the Longmill.

The backdrop of the signs are made out of 1/4" ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel). The panel is composed of a layer of 1/16" of Brushed aluminium on the Front and Back and a black Plastic in between. Both sides where protected by a film, that was great to prevent scratches!

I used the Longmill to cut the 20" x 12" backdrop, but had issues because de 1/8" Aluminium single flute Endmill (from the Sienci Shop). it seems i was going too slow (and was wondering if i should think about aluminium or plastic when choosing the feeds and speeds since it was a mix of materials).

See Forum post about it: (project done slowly from may to finished in late august)

The Numbers and Letters where cut out of 1/4" Black HDPE (High-density polyethylene). I got a good price since it was a leftover cut from the place i got it from, but it did not have protection film, it had a few scratches i needed to buff.
This cuts like butter. (with the same 1/8" Aluminium single flute Endmill (from the Sienci Shop))
Again was not quite sure about feeds and speeds.
When testing, I messed up the Z Zero, and the Router cut the full depth, this is how i saw this was easy to cut. But my heart missed a step, then i hit the Emergency Stop!

For assembly, i used Stainless Steel bolts that screwed into the back of the Numbers/letters though the backdrop + some 3M VHB tape as additional security.

The condo committee was pleased with the results…

Hope you like it too! :slight_smile:

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Replied to the wrong post!! Sorry.
Nice work on the sign though:)

Turned out great!!
I would have been worried that the gold stain might bleed into the black from where you etched or just got absorbed into the black surface when you applied it. Probably crossed your mind too!!

I guess the black is sealed with something…I’m not well versed in leather work: