September 2 - September 9, 2022 "A Project That Isn't Made From Wood" Contest

Hello all, this is my Submission to the “Something not made with wood” contest.

I live in a 3 unit condo and Canada Post as well as food delivery services would always try to deliver to the wrong unit.

So I proposed to the condo committee to create signs for the addresses.
My neighbor did the design (that i preped with CC) and i created the parts with the Longmill.

The backdrop of the signs are made out of 1/4" ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel). The panel is composed of a layer of 1/16" of Brushed aluminium on the Front and Back and a black Plastic in between. Both sides where protected by a film, that was great to prevent scratches!

I used the Longmill to cut the 20" x 12" backdrop, but had issues because de 1/8" Aluminium single flute Endmill (from the Sienci Shop). it seems i was going too slow (and was wondering if i should think about aluminium or plastic when choosing the feeds and speeds since it was a mix of materials).

See Forum post about it: (project done slowly from may to finished in late august)

The Numbers and Letters where cut out of 1/4" Black HDPE (High-density polyethylene). I got a good price since it was a leftover cut from the place i got it from, but it did not have protection film, it had a few scratches i needed to buff.
This cuts like butter. (with the same 1/8" Aluminium single flute Endmill (from the Sienci Shop))
Again was not quite sure about feeds and speeds.
When testing, I messed up the Z Zero, and the Router cut the full depth, this is how i saw this was easy to cut. But my heart missed a step, then i hit the Emergency Stop!

For assembly, i used Stainless Steel bolts that screwed into the back of the Numbers/letters though the backdrop + some 3M VHB tape as additional security.

The condo committee was pleased with the results…

Hope you like it too! :slight_smile:

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