Set my G54 offsets right after initialization

In connection to my situation in the following thread (that was solved with Ver.1.0.0):

And further with the suggestions by @KGN :

After initialization, reset of G54 offsets (default work coordinate system (WCS)) is where there is a problem that I would like automated or defaulted differently. The reason being that as it currently is initialized [ @NeilFerreri ] “… Any motion to positive work coordinates would crash the machine back right.”

What would be a good way to set my G54 offsets right after initialization to something that won’t crash my program? My P1 G54 is always in the lower left at X= -27.896; Y=-28.617; Z=-2.074 machine coordinates.

Seems to me there should be a field in the setting where I could customize this setting.

ADDED: I forgot to add that the reason this happens is that Carbide Motion from C3D resets G54 to all zeros. Many times I use both senders.

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G20; inch mode
G10 L2 P1 X-27.896 Y-28.617 Z-2.074

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Neil, the only way I found this to be useful is in a macro that I execute anytime I come into gSender from Carbide Motion.

Makes my machine safe without me having to modify my postprocessors. Thanks!