Setting up Longmill 30X30

So first issue the wheels were rubbing on the mounting brackets and Sienci Labs told me to sand down the bracket to fix the problem. Made a huge mess and did not fix the problem. 2nd issue the right Y axis moves faster then the left causing the gantry to bind up at about the half way point any ideas to fixing theses issues.

You might try checking the switches on the y axis driver boards in the LM controller. Sometimes they can look correct but not be making the proper connections so move the switches back and forth ending up in the correct positions. All the switch positions should match between all the driver boards.

@jt701 Sienci support certainly knows more about the “rubbing feet” issue than I do, but when mine did that, it was because the wheels on the X gantry were not tight enough and the bottom wheels hit the middle feet. The clearance sure is tight.

@paullarson hit on a possible solution to the binding issue. It can also be too-tight wheels, a too-tight anti-backlash nut, or out of parallel Y rails.

@jt701 Welcome to our community, your issue is disappointing for sure, I certainly agree with @gwilki, the top adjustable wheels are what lifts the gantry up, gravity rules in this instance. Believe me I had issues, even resorted to replacing all my wheels, the eccentric nuts drove me nuts, what is tighter, looser etc, maybe I wore out the original set, the replacements worked much better. Physically lift the gantry up, bring the top wheels down to resistance, front back, different gantry, job done.

I still wonder why the fixed wheels are not on top!

So I figured out what the problem was one of the
motors has a lag and turns harder and slower causing it not advance as far as the other Y axis motor does. Guess I will be getting parts sent to me on Monday to fix the issue.

You must have a machinist brain too, fixed wheels should be on top.