Setting up start point

I’ve nade my start point Xand Y at the same place on my longmill . Made it with dowels along the X axis and Y axis glued in the waste board. Now i would like to set up Gsender to alway go to that point when Iturn on the machine no matter where I left the machine when I turn cut the power . I would like to set up G54 command to go to that spot when I power it up again. Any help on how to set this up would be appreciated I can’t find it in the help section of Gsender.


To be able to have gSender start, then set the Zero for X, Y and Z, you need limit switches.

Something that is coming in the very near future, if you cant wait there are a few articles on installing homing / Limit switches.

if you wanted to do it “manually” you can MOVE the X and Y axis to the lower left of the machine.

Click on the ZERO X, and Zero Y,
then run the following macro.

******* Change this line of Code ********
G0 x54 y54
G10 l20 p1 x0 y0

At the "change this line of code: "
$h (used when limit switches are installed and it does it automatically on start.)
Manual STEP “move head to lower left, click on ZERO X and Click on ZERO Y”

Basically, it will from the Bottom LEFT of the machine, it will move +54 in X and +54 in Y
then reset the X and the Y to zero. (The actual X and Y value will depend on where you want your dowels are)


Thanks I’ll try that.