Settings for Bluecarve and other CNC's

Hi All,
I’m part of a community of Bluecarve CNC users here in Australia. (Has become a popular model for it’s affordability and quality)

Many of us are using Sienci G-Sender and like the product…but we notice we can’t choose our custom sizes in here for our machines…(In my case it is a 1m x 1.5metre model 1300 x 800 cutting area.
(Many others are listed here)

The quuestions we have are:

  1. Is there a possibility to custom add our size CNC’s in…(I’ve tried but can’t seem to change the numbers) Some users are working on editing the .json files in there. What should we do?

  2. What actually do these settings do any way? ie. We can still XYZ zero our machines. What does it affect? Preset surfacing? Maximum area? Do these custom machine settings matter?

Thanks so much for any tips. Matt (and other Bluecarve users!)

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Hi Matthew :wave:

So cool to hear about the community of BlueCarve CNC users in Australia getting great use out of gSender. I’ll link a page we have regarding this topic, basically older versions of gSender were more informed by what machine you selected in the presets but we soon found ways to instead gain that information directly from the EEPROM settings of the CNC. In time this has rendered the preset list relatively impact-less, only really coming into play to support firmware flashing and reset defaults for Sienci machines as well as to act as a reference list of common machines supported by gSender.

As mentioned on the page, if you want to approach aligning your machines mechanics with it’s EEPROM values you’ll want to look into if BlueCarve provides documentation about making these changes. If it’s just cutting area, this is really easy to do manually by going to the Firmware tool in gSender and changing each axes size which is at the bottom of the list and then saving the changes to your machine. Once you change these values you should see that they update in the main setting window as well :slight_smile:

If you’ve got any other questions happy to answer!

Thanks so much Chris… I’ll post a link to this in our group and see if anyone has any questions to come back to you with .
Really appreciate your support. Thanks so much. Am certainly enjoying the program now I’ve got my head around it as a beginner to this CNC world Thanks!