Setup of gsender - inital page of machine type

I seem to lack some clarity in my movement from carbide motion to Gsender. I have been able to get the connection live with comm 3, the visualizer and other settings I understand and follow. I have removed and reinstalled the gsender multiple time to select the proper machine, but the screen does not appear. Apparently the screen comes up once where you elect what brand of carving machine you have. this is right after installation and first access. The * (Upper right corner) appears and it asks me the machine. I initially placed the wrong machine in this section , I am not able to go back to this screen even when I reload Gsender . How do you get this screen to reappear for corrections.
Also I have used with the shapeko the “bit setter” that Neil F on this forum has a process to use and make it functional in the gsender. Is this applied as a new PP or as a macro to be added to gsender to enable use with my carver, does it need to be flashed? to the eprom?
I also need to set the cut area to 16 wide to 33 long in inches, which I believe is on the first screen after setup Running windows 64 bit 10 software on laptop
Help! - Tom

Rxman, when you remove a program in windows not all files are removed. To fully remove a program you have to remove manually the files that windows saves. To do this you have to find the program folder that the files are in, normally these are in the program tree. After a complete removal a reinstall will bring up the initial screen. A quick google search will bring up the process. Would seem that it would be a simple mod in gsender to allow access to change initial setup, what if you change machines or have more than one machine? Maybe there is a way to find the initial screen that someone else can point you to.


I just reinstalled Windows and when I installed gSender there is no popup to select the machine. I don’t recall ever seeing one. The only machine selection that I have found in gSender is when you flash the firmware. I could be wrong but that is my experience.

I don’t have a bitsetter but have read about it on this forum. Neil’s post processor is only needed for Vectric to get it to insert M6 for tool changes. Then the macros are used to do the initial setup and the tool change. In addition to the links I gave in your first post I have found this link to his macros. They are for CNCjs but gSender is/was based on CNCjs so they work is my understanding. I don’t know how to use them but I believe you can import them from the Macros Tab in the bottom right corner of gSender.

To set the machine size you can use gSender’s firmware tool, the last 3 settings are the maximum travel of each axis in mm. I have seen the gSender developers post that most of what gSender know about your machine actually is stuff it reads from the firmware EEPROM.

Ok, I fiddled around and got that secret screen and input Shapeoko, it took it. Homing works like it should- Do I need now to flash the eprom? the instructions make it sound risky, so I ask the question? Still have not found where to place the cut limits or dimension for my XL which are 16 x 30".
My final quest is to get the [NeilFerreri] file to work for the bit setter. don’t know what I am to do with the file, load it or add this a s macro. I can use the XYZ touch pad, but somewhat tedious.
Not sure if this is a macro and I need to load or a full PP that replace the Gsender shapeoko settings. Appears my homing limits work. (Profile - NeilFerreri - Sienci Community Forum)

You can use the Firmware button in gSender to set the maximum travel of the machine for each axis in millimeters. Scroll to the bottom and setting 130, 131 and 132 are for the X, Y, and Z axis respectively. If you haven’t re-flashed the firmware they are probably already set. Not sure if Shapeoko machines have a limit switch on both ends of the axis or just one per axis for homing. If the machine only has one per axis then you can use soft limits, another firmware setting, to prevent running into the end of the axis that doesn’t have a switch. Soft limits uses the fact that you have homed and the maximum travel in $130-$132 to prevent crashing.

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Its been several months since my writing to determine the setup of G-Sender. Gave up, but with the new G-sender version I was hoping for the best. However, nothing has changed as to setting up the parameters for my machine, still remain elusive as to setting parameters. I have fruitfully tried to accomplish installing G-Sender for use on my shapeoko, but have given up he quest and revert back to the carbide motion program. Thanks all for your advice and comments, Good carving - Tom

Well, Tom if you don’t actually follow the directions given its doubtful that you will ever succeed. Its tough enough to do this kind of thing via text, but it can be fruitful (and has been before) if you do it in small steps.

Do you know what your machine’s limiting dimensions are?

The Shapeoko web site ( ) can give you those dimensions, or ask on the Carbide 3D forum:

Everything you need to enter for you machine is in the Firmware section accessible from the top of the main gSender screen.

Hopefully, it won’t be six months before we hear from you again. :smiley: