Shapeko bit setter setup

Desiring to no longer use “Carbide motion”, however I have a shapeoko XL with 13 x 24 cut area. I load sienci program and I need to set it up - It appears I need to establish the limits (I don’t have limit switches, but do have proximity sensors that work. I also desire to use the BIT Setter- I need some instructions on setting up the machine for G sender. Is this listed somewhere or can someone send me the details. I understand that the Bit setter will work, but I need to program where its will find the bitsetter Tom

I know that @NeilFerreri has developed some macros to use with the bit setter. You might want to take a look at this thread.

Post 5 in that thread has links to get the macros and in post 42 he said to set the position of the bit setter with:


I hope that gets you started on the right track. Bear in mind I have zero experience with the bit setter, I just have read a lot on here and remember some of it.

I was just reading another thread where @chrismakesstuff said that the macros should not be necessary anymore. So I took a look in gSender and found this.

And there is some documentation on the new tool change stuff here.