Shift Knob V2 - Walnut Goodness

So I figured I would try out a shape that can’t be done on a lathe (after all, we do have CNC machines) and flesh out a design that is not axially symmetric (but is still symmetric across a plane).

My process was much the same as my last shift knob (still did it vertically - but built a much more secure nesting fixture this time for cutting the top side).

In all its unfinished walnut glory, here it is, only finished with sandpaper and Scotch Brite pads:

And here it is finished only with a quick coat of almond oil, side-by-side with a much chunkier V1 (which was made out of unknown scrap):

I’m really happy with how it came out - so happy, in fact, that I can’t really envision engraving or laser etching anything onto it! (Shame, just got my laser set up!)

This was also a fun experiment in fixturing - I took an off-cut chunk of cedar 2x6 and made a fixturing area on the machine bed, and made up a nesting fixture. I might write up the process of doing that if others find it interesting.

Next go-round for a part like this (who knows, maybe shift knobs for every day of the week) I will try a two-sided fixture, where I cut with it laying on its side (left and right), as opposed to an up/down setup.


@elbarsal I love it, Ed. Please do write up your fixture process. Holding down weird and wonderful projects is something that many of us struggle with, I believe.

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Hi Ed. What a lovely piece of work that is. I think the grain really sets its off. Good fixture solution too.

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I was impressed with the first one, doubly so with V2! It’s not the easiest thing to get a good match on double sided carves.


Thank you @jepho and @_Michael. I do have to admit that the V2 required a bit of sanding with 220 grit to get to perfect - unlike the V1 which somehow came out almost 100% smooth across the cuts right off the mill. I really love how buffing with Scotch Brite (used blue, which seems to be 1000 grit) made the surface a silky matte smooth.

I learn so much here, thanks for that tidbit.

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