Shipping to Greece

Hello, I live in Greece and after a lot of research Iโ€™m 99% sure that the best option is the longmill mk2. The only worries I still have are about the shipping, because it ships from outside europe. Does anyone know if there are other taxes or customs charges except from shipping to europe?

Thank you

Hi @Atse120, welcome here to the forum. I get a lot of support on the forum and thatโ€™s why I try to help you on your way. I live in the Netherlands and also purchased the LongMill MK2 and have no regrets so far. In addition to the transport costs, I had to pay handling costs to UPS in relation to customs import duties and VAT. In addition, because we have a company, I also had to apply for a European registration for importing to Europe. This was free by the way. For the Netherlands, import duties are approximately 2.7%. The total extra kosts were for us about โ‚ฌ 900,00. We bought the LongMill MK 2 30โ€ x 48โ€, LaserBeam, Vortex 48โ€, dust shield and some extraโ€™s.

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Thank very much, your response was actually really helpful!

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Hi @Atse120,

I was wondering if you have made a choice now. Besides the fact that the LongMill is by far the cheapest I have found in terms of price and quality, the service from SienciLabs is fantastic.