Showing my true newbie colors.

Hey all,

I am new to Longmill community here and just have a newbie question. I am trying to calibrate the stepper motors on my 30x30 (each axis overshoots input length by about 1/8") using UGS. Where would I go to find the correct menu to change the steps/inch? Also where would I input for the machine to read in imperial instead of metric? TYIA!

@HAWWK Others will chime in, no doubt, but I don’t believe that you can do either of these things in UGS. You may want to go onto the UGS Google Group and pose your question there though.

On the overshoot issue, you could try a different code sender to see if the problem persists. If it does, you will know that your solution lies somewhere other than the sender you are using.

Edit: Jammer has proven me wrong. :grinning: Thanks for teaching me something new today, Jeff

@HAWWK, maybe this will get you what you’re looking for as far as calibrating your distance traveled.

Step #4 has a way to measure distance traveled vs what you told it to travel.

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You can change the steps/mm setting. In the console window you have a command box where you can send commands to grbl (the code running in the Arduino on the long board). One of those commands is $$ to let you know the internal settings of grbl. To set one of the settings you type $100=123

These address are for the steps/mm settings
$100 X steps/mm
$101 Y steps/mm
$102 Z steps/mm

For all settings and more details:

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And this link should help you for the inches/mm:

@gwilki, @Jammer, @Antoine You guys rock! Thank you very much for the quick replies