Sienci Controller and gSender

I have a stand-alone laptop that I use gSender to communicate with the Sienci controller.

If my laptop craps out, and I replace with another laptop, and will reinstall gSender, what happens with all the calibration settings for my stepper motors?

Will I have to re-set/re-establish all the settings that my previous laptop was using?

Just need some clarification as to what will happen by changing out my laptop.

Thanks to all that reply, greatly appreciated.

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@RustyR What settings are you talking about, Rusty? Are these gSender settings or firmware settings that you changed in the Long Mill controller using gSender?

Updated the stepper motors so I had to change the number of steps/motor, as well as, adjusted the acceleration settings, within the calibration settings in gSender.

So will these settings be updated within the controller firmware, which would make the settings independent to the gSender program itselt?

So at anytime I would have to re-load gSender, would all my stepper motors configurations be secured to the controller?


The steps/mm and acceleration setting are saved in the controller so they are independent of the laptop. That said you can save your firmware setting from the Firmware section accessed by the button at the right side of the header in GSender. You can also save all your GSender settings from the general tab of the GSender settings accessed by the cog at the right side of the header. You could/should save both to a flash drive or google drive etc so you have a backup.

Thanks Sir for the clarification and the suggestion to save, will do.