Sienci Labs Presents: Shop Tour

Hi everyone. Have you been wondering how the office is doing over the past two years? Many things have changed, and our team has expanded quite a lot since we last did a shop tour. Now is the perfect time to give you a new tour around the office and introduce you to some new faces. Come along with Chris and Andy as they tour the office, discuss some projects the team has been working on, talk to a few of our exceptional employees, and showcase what goes on behind the scenes of our Sienci Labs family.

To follow along on our tour, watch the full video linked below. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more CNC-related content.

Let’s get this tour started!

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I think the cardboard shredder is brilliant! Bubble wrap is crazy expensive and the recycled boxes are free. Plus it’s easier to repurpose or recycle cardboard than bubble wrap.

Did you think 6 years ago that the company would have grown this much? Keep up the great work.


@StuartG Thank you so much for your kind words! We are all about using as little plastic as possible to make our environment a healthier and better place. I think we knew that the company would eventually grow but definitely not by this much in such a short amount of time!