Simulation vs actual, discrepency

I have an area clear with .001 tolerance that overlaps an outside profile cut, yet material still remains, what could cause that?

I’m not sure I know what I’m talking about, but could it be the amount of deflection the bit receives between the two cuts? Or perhaps it’s related to the flexibility or springiness of the wood as the material is being removed? These could potentially contribute to the presence of remaining material in the overlapping area. Hopefully, someone with more expertise can provide further insights.

I might be overthinking it…

Off topic but, how big is your stock of wood and where did you get it from?

Its the spalted maple. You could try adjusting the toolpath but easiest to just clean it up with a chisel

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Yeah, I’m trying to locate some at least 1 inch thick that is not going to cost me an arm and leg to ship.