So ive been working with my laser and i am having trouble with the machine skilping and ruining my piece i have tried everything i can think of and i do not get any help from Sienci at all one email a week is not gonna solve my problem i have sent videos and puctures of what the machine does and i get no answer back. I have lost lots of money because if this issue i would run the project on scrap wood would run great then i go to my actual piece and would skip and change the whole image. Can anyone help me? Or how can i get a hold of these guys to get my money back?

@Cmcorrales I’ve moved your topic to the add-ons/laser category.

This looks like the coupler on your X axis is slipping, or your X axis is binding. Question - have you ever had issues like this with the mill, or only with the laser?

To check if the axis is binding, with the power off you can see if you can turn the X axis lead screw by hand. It should be reasonably easy to turn.

You should also check that the coupler between the X axis motor and lead screw is tight.

If you need support from Sienci, I believe you can call them - likely to be much faster than email.

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Only with the laser it does not happen at all while im cutting


  1. Is this a new issue or has it always been this way?
  2. What program are you using to create the file?
  3. What program are you using to run the file?

Yes i also turned it with my hand while off its easy to turn. It happens alot if i try to go faster while im lasering, its supposed to be able to go 4000 mm/mn but i cant go any faster then 600 or it will jump. And when im just doing line tracing i should be able to go faster then that, i know with images its a slower process but i should be getting done faster and more efficient i cant do that with all this skipping

Its always happened the whole time since i started using the laser. Im using lightburn and also gsender. I have done it with both programs and it still does the same thing on both of them.

I will run the same file several times and it happens in diffetent spots every time. Sometimes it will finish the file on the 4th or 5th attempt.

@Cmcorrales That’s good to know, especially since, with respect, this seems to contradict your first post. In that post, you said that it ran fine on scrap, but not on good wood. I was about to ask “what changed”?

If you run it from LB, it still acts up, yes? What is your S-value max in LB? How are you setting laser mode ($32). What is your value for $31?

If this is a Sienci Laserbeam, what is your dip switch setting?

I realize that these are a lot of questions. However, if members here are going to help, all of this information is needed, IMHO.

@Cmcorrales Did you resolve your issues, Carlos?