SLB, gsender V1.4.7 Go To Location G91 moves values from G90/Current position

  1. Firmware version: SuperLongBoard_B5.0.3
  2. Sender: gsender 1.4.7
  3. Relevant tested files: none needed “Go To” function
  4. Any pictures or videos attached showing the issue: none
  5. Upload of the ‘Diagnostics’ PDF file: “says new users cannot upload attachments”
    OS: Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64
    Machine MK2 48x30

Steps to reproduce: In gsender:

  1. Click Zero All
  2. Jog machine (with mouse) to small non-zero values. eg. X 15, Y -15 Z-30
  3. Click Go To
  4. Popup Window shows X 15, Y -15, Z-30 on G90 setting
  5. Switch to Relative (G91) (Screen showes X0, X0, Z0)
  6. Click GO! - machine moves to X30, Y-30 Z-60 instead of moving 0,0,0
  7. Confirming a zero by hitting return has no effect, only entering a new number changes that particular axis. The rest still move the original XYZ Coordinate amount relatively.

The Go To Location Display in relative motion should always indicate what is going to hapen relatively.

This is a gSender issue when the default values aren’t changed and we should have a fix in the next release.

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