Slop Between Z Axis and X Axis rail

I am having issues with tightening the eccentric nuts on the Z to X axis mounting. The V groove wheels do not get tight along the path of the extruded aluminum rail.

I spent at least an hour assembling/reassembling the Z Axis carriage but, still could not get it to fit tight on the X Axis rail.

@RichL Welcome to the group.

This is a first, I believe. Just to confirm, you have adjusted the eccentric nuts as far apart as they can go and the wheels are still not tight?

Yep exactly. The eccentric nuts are pointed down with the shaft as close as physically possible to the x axis rail.

The picture is a result.

I think this is one for Andy to deal with. Something is not assembled correctly or machined correctly.

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I had the sane issue and Sienci was very responsive and I should have a new X-rail this Friday.

Were you able to measure the angle or spacing on your rail?

I located the CAD model for the X-Axis Rail shows a distance of 107.763 mm between the two edges that the V Wheels ride on.

I measured 106.86 on mine, it might also vary slightly since my machine is put together, and is hard to get an accurate reading with the calipers.

I also checked the Steel Plate for the X-Axis Gantry and it seems really close to 126.820mm shown on the CAD drawing.

Thanks. I’ll check it tomorrow afternoon. I should be able to measure the X rail where it comes through the end plate.