Small movement on the router during carve

I started a carve this morning and noticed a slight tilt to the right sometimes when it reverses directions from left to right. I noticed it on the bit first but could not get a good video of it. I did get a good shot of the movement by focusing on the cable but it is not just the cable. Link Below. The movement happens as it starts to go right the first time. I don’t think it moves on the second pass.

What and where should I start checking?

Can someone let me know if the link is working, please


@Swinly - Lonnie, link worked for me. As for what to check start with V wheels to V rails (eccentric nuts) then front 2 screws to router mount then router mount to Z plate. Further on check Z plate mount screws on to guide rails and guides. Those should get you started. Sometimes screws and bolts will loosen due to vibration.


I don’t know I would look at the mounting system for the router. That can work loose too. I have had bolt fall out and never found where from till I tore apart the whole machine. Turned out if was for the crazy mount on top of the motor. Never saw it. Pull the router out and check those screws behind it. Could be something crazy like that.

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The link worked well. I don’t have an answer as I haven’t received my MK2 yet but I would appreciate of you post the solution for us. I’m sure I (as well as others) will have a similar problem sometime and would be nice to see the fix.

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@Swinly The link worked for me, too, Lonnie. The comments so far are spot on. I played the video at .5 speed to try to see which parts are moving. I could not see any movement in the backing plate of the Z gantry. I did see movement up and down in the “sliding” part of the Z ganty. Of course, that translated into the router moving up and down.

FWIW, since I didn’t see movement in the gantry backing plate, i would think that your v wheels are adjusted okay. Since I did see movement in the sliding part of the gantry, I would check the anti-backlash nut, both in terms of its tension on the lead screw and with respect to the bolts holding it to the gantry.

Finally, can you tell us what bit you are using for this pass, please? I’ve watched several videos recently showing the force exerted on CNC routers using down cut bits with relatively large step downs. That’s why I am curious.



0.25" down cut

This was during the roughing pass. Step down - 0.1. Feedrate - 90in/min Plunge rate - 40in/min

I adjust the speed in gsender as it is running. Usually lower.

These 8 bolts, 4 on each side of the router were loose.

As the original issue has been addressed, I’m closing this topic. If anyone else has a similar concern, feel free to start a new topic, which will ensure that it is addressed promptly.