Software to cover cnc and laser

I have got my long mill put together, i am looking for the software but i want something that will run both my cnc and my laser?? Is there such a software and if so what is the most recommended?

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I use Vectric Vcarve Pro with their laser module.

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Sorry for my ignorance but this software will me to make a one time purchase for software to operate both the wood cnc and the laser? Also where do i need to go to purchase just their website or is there something offered through sienci ( promotional). Appreciate your help and patience.

Vectric (choose the Products tab)

The Vectric products will allow you to create your design and gcode for both the CNC part and the laser part. Obviously, you have to have both hardware setups.

I have a laser addon to my router from JTech Photonics.

I use V-carve for my router, laser and rotary. It’s the perfect solution. I bought Lightburn for the laser, but to be quite frank about it, I don’t care for it. I always end up using V-carve because it’s much easier to use and I don’t have to learn to different software’s.