Somethings not right

Why is it doing this. Seems to be lifting up or something. But everything’s seem tight.

What bit were you using and what overlap?

1/8 balled my step over was 0.03mm. But it’s like the bit is lifting for a few passes then going back to normal. I’m not worried about the lines I know my step over could be more.

@Nic Can you post the gcode, Nic? What is your CAD/CAM software?

Glue-Up Board - x261mm, y225mm, z22mm - 3mm (588.7 KB)

I used fusion to creat gcode. And use UGS to cut. I also had a problem with the rough cut up too. So maybe it’s UGS. I think I have two different problems tho.

@Nic It’s a bit hard to tell, at least for me, what is going on, but there are a series of moves in the 300 series of lines where the Z axis is moving up and down by .001". Is that part of your design? If not, something in fusion is putting them into the toolpath.

No it should be flat. But I think it’s a problem with my LongMill. Maybe the wheels. It was doing it again today and I was using easel. Thanks for taking the time to look Grant.

@Nic If it should be flat, the problem is not with the Mill. The gcode shows the Z axis raising and lowering by about .001" many times. The Mill is merely implementing those codes.