Speed issue question

So I’m running Vcarve and Gsender. Doing a “fake run” before I put a bit in the machine. Trying to simulate my spoilboard cutout and having issues with the speed of everything. The bit I’m using is Garrett’s 30* Vbit that he says to run at 35 in/min. At that rate it will take 21 hours to run my grid and ruler cutout. That’s seems awefully long. There was a suggestion on FB to run it at 100 in/min so I went to Vcarve tool database and changed the feedrate to 100 in/min. But the machine still runs at the same speed of 35 in/min. What am I missing? I can manually bump up the speed in Gsender to 85 in/min but that will still take forever according to the timer. I’ve included a short video for reference.

Thank you everyone.


What machine are you using?

What material are you cutting?

Can you post an image of the render from Vectric Vcarve so we know what you are doing?

100 in/min could be ok but 35 in/min could also be ok.

I actually figured it out…I let the whole program run and it only took 20 minutes. Once it got to a certain place in the gcode the time started falling off like Richard Simmons weight! LOL I sucessfully ran my first 2 files and couldn’t be happier. And let me tell you, that dust boot…That’s no joke! That thing really works well! Anyways, this was a newbie lesson but I appreciate the help!

@EdwardS I’m glad that you solved your problem, Edward.

As the original issue has been addressed, I’m closing this topic. If anyone else has a similar concern, feel free to start a new topic, which will ensure that it is addressed promptly.