Spindle on to longmill

I have a spindle but when switch on I stop the software

@G7esp Welcome to the group, Malcolm. I’m sure that there are users here that would be glad to help you out.

However, more information would be helpful.

  1. What “software” are you using and what do you mean when you say that the software “stops”?

  2. Are you getting error messages when the software stops? If so, can you post screen caps of the messages?

  3. What CAM application did you use to generate the gcode?

  4. Have you been able to run any projects?

Sorry this is first time I have done in this group
1 gsender
2coms error
3 ther was no gcode used
4 no I can do nothing

@G7esp No need to apologize, Malcolm. We are all learning as we go along. :grinning:

OK, gSender is not connecting. Is that right?

If so, is this true whether the spindle is on or off?

What operating system are you using on your PC?

Gsender is working until I turn the spindle on

@G7esp I suggest that you open a support ticket with Sienci tech, Malcolm. Members here are not coming forward with solutions and this is beyond my technical abilities.

I have done but they have never fired a spider and down now. I would have gone with the router but I am in cyprus I am limited for bits and I need 6 8 10 12 4 2 and the router does not have the range. Still idea but will not now if it works to morrow

Sorry I spelt spindle wrong

@G7esp I understand. Just for my information, if you don’t mind, how are you turning on the spindle? That is, are you using a gcode command, or manually turning it on as you would a router?