Spoil Board Surfacing Failure

started surfacing my spoil board with the gcode downloaded directly from Sienci Labs website for my 30x30 longmill.

Started the job, everything was fine, just around the half way mark the router, over a 5 inch path plunged into the board and jammed. I wasn’t near anything, didn’t accidently hit anything, this happened entirely on its own.
Any idea what happened so when I replace with new boards this doesn’t happen again…

Assuming your machine profile is set to the correct 30x30 because there is MK1 and MK2.
did your Z slip
check your setup

my machine is an MK1
when I checked my board I noticed that the X axis on the 2 rows before it plunged (failed) had stepped down what looks like a MM each row. (looks like steps down before the failure)i
Not sure what to look for to identify if my Z slipped.
What would I look for in my setup?

maybe check to make sure that the drive cogs at the top of Z are tight

@RicP One thing you could do is to slowly jog the machine in Z until the bit just touches the uncut part of the spoil board. Does Z read 0? I would think that it does not, but it’s worth verifying.

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I finished the surfacing with the gouge in it ( restarted the job at the half way mark, ended up with half the spoil board at a mm higher ) going to rerun the surfacing and remove another mm see if it evens it all out, I can live with the gouge in the middle until I need to replace the SB

front of my spoil board is around 1mm the top or back is around 5mm in depth.
Could my table or machine be that out of level? ( I checked it with a level and it didn’t seem that out of wack )

maybe not out of level… however maybe not flat surface …
I see that you have taken smaller bites now with some success, another slight pass may do it

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Seems to have worked but it skipped 2 lines at the top. Left my board with 2 raised rows (lines) about 2mm high 5 or 6 lines apart.

Any suggestions on why this would happen?