Spoilboard for 48x30

Hey guys, I am brand new to the CNC world. I have my new MK2 48x30 ready for work. I am using vcarve pro software. My question is, does anyone have advice or help on the Spoilboard of this size? I am using 1/4 20s with 9/16” depth as my inserts. Just having trouble designing the file to fit to my size. I don’t want to have 120-150 inserts for my spoil board. Any suggestions will help me. Once again I’m brand new, so take it easy on me.

@Blakeharrell Welcome to the group. You mention that you don’t want 120-150 inserts (completely understandable IMHO), but how many do you want? Or is that what you are asking? I’ve seen spoilboards with inserts on 2" centres, others with 4" centres. As I don’t use inserts, I can’t tell you of my experience. Others here will, no doubt.

I purchased the rails and then discovered this video from a dude named Garrett Fromme (sp?) - I realize it’s a stupid amount of inserts, but man, that looks a lot more flexible than just the rails. I think this guy sells the file on etsy to put into vcarve as well. Making The Longmill MK2 30x48 Spoilboard - YouTube

I think I’m going to try MDF with rails first and see if I like or dislike it and then will probably try this method. I’ve seen some people drive their bits through metal clamps and screw things up, so I might do what this guy is recommending (wood clamps that screw in). That being said - I still don’t understand how one keeps sawdust out of these ?? Tape or something?

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@pkillur I use the t-tracks and have never had an issue holding material down. It’s simply a matter of making various types and sizes of clamps. That would be true using inserts, too.

When you mention keeping sawdust “out of these”, are you referring to keeping sawdust out of the t-tracks?

No out of the insert screw types. t-tracks make sense - just vacuum them out. But the screw in ones - how does one keep sawdust out of that? Maybe just vacuum before using the number of holes you’re using?

@pkillur I don’t use them, but I would think your approach is likely the best one.

I may do 4” centers. I think that will eliminate a lot of my concern for the many inserts. I just am trying to make a Spoilboard that I can create clamps for and orient them in anyway needed.

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@Blakeharrell I suspect that’s a good plan. And, very easy to do in VCarve.

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Now I’m getting a soft limit alarm… any help?

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Turn off soft limits in gSender until you are done. Then turn them back on.
As @gwilki said, very easy in Vcarve, Array copy and associate with layer-Automatic


That’s what I did. Figured it out. Thanks!


I just have to say “WOW! That’s a big machine!”. It looks like a nice setup so far IMHO. You must be stoked!

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I’ve been using T-tracks with 4’’ strips MDF with my 48X30. I used the T-clamps from Garret Fromme as well. So far I’ve had no issues. I don’t have pics to post but either way you mention should work.