Spoilboard surfacing goes a little awry

Hi there,

Just got my Longmill setup and I’m in the process of surfacing the spoilboard and have some hopefully minor issues to resolve:

  • First surface went reasonably well but:
    – was seeing faint cut lines on first pass on left and right;
    – Had diamond shaped bumps at the front-right corner.
    – The lines could barely be felt but diamond shaped bumps were a little more raised. X axis surfacing was smooth at back and front.

  • Second cut was a little worse:
    – Surfacing lightly burnt the surface on left and front.
    – right had very faint lines along each pass without burning.
    – rear X pass was perfect. Smooth, no burning.
    – Still had diamond shaped bumps at right-front corner but more pronounced this time.

It’s odd that it burns on left-front but not right-rear.

Worst part was gsender disconnected and couldn’t communicate with my laptop but still ran midway through. I thought pulling USB cable and reconnecting would fix this but it stopped surfacing then!

How I can restart from where it left off? I haven’t moved X or Y since it stopped.

Does anyone know what is causing the burning on second pass and diamond shaped bumps at right-front?

Photo attached.

Thanks again in advance

You can see the diamond shapes on right side. You can also see the original surface in the centre along with diamond bumps which were lighter.

I always do a raster surfacing WITH the grain or raster x for MDF instead of an outline surfacing. I also use a Whiteside 1"-3 wing surfacing bit with a .75" pocket offset in Vectric Aspire. No burn marks from change of direction so far because the change of direction is (partially) outside of the material and the Whiteside carbide inserts are really sharp. Maybe try a small MDF test piece (with a 0.75 boundry offset) with raster x at a cut depth of 0.005 and see if you have better results.
Connection and restarts are another issue.

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