Start button died / Laser offset problem / Download?

Update: now on gSender 1.1.1: Start button still dead after restart, laser offset still stupid

  1. Start button died during recent job, But start from line 1 worked. It was fine after quitting and relaunching.

  2. Switching between Laser and spindle applies the recorded offset to the workspace crudely, by assuming that the previous location was X0Y0, rather than actually applying a correction to the actual X and Y positions.

  3. gSender just notified me there is a new download available, and says it is downloading, but nothing came of it

  4. Also if I close the main window. gender is still there but it probably should quit as it is thenceforth a zombie.

MacOSX gSender v1.10

Here are trivial macros that do what the spindle/laser switch should do:

Switch to Laser:
%X0=posx, Y0=posy
G10 L20 X[X0-xoffset] Y[Y0-yoffset]

Switch to Router:
%X1=posx, Y1=posy
G10 L20 X[X1+xoffset] Y[Y1+yoffset]

If I remember correctly, those were the exact problems that 1.1.1 was supposed to fix from 1.1.0. Seems like you didnโ€™t get the upgrade installed. (I now notice that you edited the OP.)

Both of these issues are fixed in todays release - laser offset properly accounts for wpos when toggling on and off, and the issue with the start button in some situations. In the meantime, if you have a start gcode block thatโ€™s enabled but empty, you can disable it to have your start button working again.

Thanks for the fix. Verified in1.1.2