Start/Stop G-code

Where is the Start/Stop G-code option in version 1.2.1, Is it possibly the Program Events tab in the settings?

@GettingStarted I’ve moved your question to the gSender topic board. It will get more attention here.

Yeah, I think it’s the Program Events tab now, looks like the docs still show the old interface. I think it changed because they added Program Pause and Program Resume blocks.

Thank you sir, I kinda figured that was it. I got my IOT relay and it seems to be working fine with the M8 and M9 command, I will see for sure the next time I cut something.

Cool! Looks like it came early, if I remember correctly you said you wouldn’t get it till the end of August.

Yes, it would have been here Saturday if A**zon got their act together, it sat for roughly 24 hours in a warehouse 15 minutes down the road.

Amazon is mostly good at getting parts to me, but when they advise that my delivery “is slightly delayed” it usually means that the shipment will arrive right after I have cancelled the order and reordered a replacement! :smiley: