Still connected, status says idle, can't jog or use control

So…got my LM squared up and tied down and while doing the xy calibration in gsender I’d take my final measurements go to jog controls and can’t move the router. Says connected, says idle but no jog controls work. have to disconnect then reconnect to move the router. We’re talking maybe a few minutes. Am using ver 1.2.1 at the moment. Any idea’s why this is happening? BTW all my usb ports and power settings are set to never sleep.



Any chance the emergency stop cable has come loose?

Just guessing. Don’t be afraid to call support - that’s what they are there for.

Good luck!

no i just have to disconnect then connect again. Have not really had time to play with it - just happened everytime I took the xy squaring calibration. I’d move the router back a few inches - take the measurement, then calculate the angle according to pythagorean theorem. then go to move the router - thats where status says idle but can’t do anything until i disconnect then reconnect.

@elbarsal Are you talking about the squaring function in the calibrate tool. If so, when calibrate is active, the normal jog controls do not work. They are greyed out. There are separate jog controls in the calibrate window that will allow you to jog while it is active.

oops I was wrong! - went out and checked it out again this morning and I did in fact find the stop cable tipped just a hair on 1 end. Re-seated it and had no disconnects. thanks.

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