Stl files to G code

So I am new to the longmill machine. I have been having good luck working with easel and carving right out of the software. I have purchased a couple stl files and I am trying to carve them. I use cam lab to convert to g code and then run the file in g sender. So far I have not been able to make this work. I am sure the issue is camlab but I cannot find a good video that shows me how to do what I am trying.

Any help would be appreciated. I live in the KW area, are there any group that meet in this area?

Thanks Todd

Hi Todd. I don’t know CAMLab nor do I know much about how it generates its toolpaths in 3D. The link is to an issue that since may well have been fixed. It gives you a starting point. @NeilFerreri is one of those people who really understands this stuff and Neil may yet be able to offer you some helpful words.

I produce a fair amount of stuff using Carveco Maker (their 3D option is very easy to use) but note that Carveco Maker has a subscription model. (about $18 per month) It is quite easy to master and there is whole boat-load of tutorial material from Carveco.

I have tried to use the software from many other manufacturers of CAM software. My take is this: Unless you are paying for their pro version (Vectric V Carve Desktop, Easel, Shapr3D, Carbide Create, MeshCAM, Sketchup) or stepping up to professional level software, Vectric Aspire, Carveco, Fusion and Siemens NX for example. (not an exhaustive list) then you will not have the facility to carve in true 3D.

I have linked to two 3D carves, from STL files, which I carved recently. You will also find anything with Carveco Maker name in the title on other videos in this channel will demonstrate other 3D STL file carves, I have completed.

One suggestion: Try KIRI:MOTO

It can generate gcode from stl for 3d printers/lasers/ and routers. It may not be the prettiest gcode, and it may take forever to run, but you can use it with your web browser!